Big Wild Sleepout

Big Wild Sleepout It #microadventure time this weekend as we prepare to sleep under canvas in the back garden. Nothing like a little #backyardadventure to excite the kids! If you like the website and the content I create please consider buying me a coffee!

Crafting it Up

As a child I loved to draw and make things. Nothing overly spectacular; I remember the most advanced item I attempted to make was a hovercraft from a lump of polystyrene, some small batter powered motors and fan blade – it was a resoundingly poor effort really but the feeling I remember most is that …

Meteorologically Speaking

Whilst indolently watching Countryfile on Sunday and simultaneously reading my book (A Free Country, more about this later) my attention was grabbed by the weather forecast that is injected into the program where the weatherperson presenting seems to dress-down when compared with the usual standards of dress for the the BBC weather presenters. On this occasion …