Running Diary 2018 – Week 2

Distance this week: 0km
Number of runs this week: 0
Distance to goal: 1988.9km

I pretty much want to forget this week in terms of my physical activity! It’s a write-off and nothing more. That said it has allowed me some vital rest time.

The fact is I got ill – a virus. I knew I would, it’s that time of year and with my suppressed immune system living with another five people – two of which had been ill – meant it was inevitable. It was bad enough to warrant me not going into work on Monday and staying in bed.

Even now, a week later, I can feel the effects with head cold symptoms still persisting. And at the weekend a little running around with the little ‘un was enough to leave my chest burning with annoyance at me for daring to raise my heart rate.

But I have to be thankful I can run. Having rheumatoid arthritis means I take each day as it comes and run if I can. I am yet to have a flare up in the two years since I was diagnosed and started treatment so I am lucky. And last week I had my annual rheumatologist check-up at the hospital which went really well and I came away with a reduction in my weekly medication.

I did get out for a good walk with the dogs on Sunday into the fields and by the river. It was nice to be out in the fresh air and the brisk walk was just what I needed. The dogs enjoyed it too – better than the laps around the streets of town.

So whilst my running week was not one for the history books it was a week of rest and reflection. I am looking forwards and not back and I am determined to improve my fitness.

Running Diary 2018 – Week 1

Distance this week: 11.1km
Number of runs this week: 2
Distance to goal: 1988.9km

As I sit here typing this from my sickbed (okay – sofa) to reflect on my running in week 1 of 2018 I must admit it’s been a bit of a failure. Then when I consider that I have targeted a goal of running 2000km this year it dawns on me that things can (have to) get better.

I had a good run on News Years Day, getting out in the sunshine on an otherwise chilly day. I followed this up by reluctantly dragging myself out on the Tuesday morning before work. I had no appetite for it but I went nonetheless.

I knew I was coming down with something and although it wasn’t showing I was feeling drained so since then I haven’t’ run. I also haven’t booked a marathon yet so I need to really pull my finger out and get started soon.

So there is it, my uninspiring start to my running in 2018. I must up my game!

Thanks for reading.