In this episode of THE YORKSHIRE DAD vlog….. We eat fish and chips then Lydia and Grace decided to drink the curry sauce! I wash the carpet and have a rant at David Wilson Homes. In my weekly rant (the previous one was an unofficial bonus) I tackle the main issue of the day that is the decision to close Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and pledge my support to the Hands of HRI campaign. I heap praise on Katie Melua and her new album “In Winter”. Oh, and the girls doe some dancing (surpise). Hand of HRI YouTube channel: The link to the brilliant Hands of HRI video: Katie Melua… Facebook: YouTube: Thanks for visiting my channel and watching this vlog – it really is appreciated (really). Please stick around and check out some of my other episodes. ————————————————————- Follow me on everywhere: Website: ————————————————————- by The Yorkshire Dad

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