What to watch on TV this Christmas

I remember as a boy that my Mum would always buy both the Radio Times  and the TV Times Christmas editions. It always made me giggle with excitement as this event meant Christmas was not very far away and I would spend a good long while pouring over both books ensuring I knew exactly which […]

Cultural Appreciation

Earlier this week I saw Tweet by the well know TV broadcaster, photographer and naturalist Chris Packham. Happy Christmas @VisitFaroe @TheFaroeIslands @Tinganes I hope Santa visits this child and brings her some compassion , a respect for life , an awareness of conservation and the desire to grow up and drag your community into the 21st Century RT pic.twitter.com/znZbQBaLfZ Within […]

Keep it simple – keep it fun

Last night the two youngest girls we at their pantomime rehearsals for a few hours so we were left alone with the teenagers. Rather than skulking off to their rooms (as teenagers, I have learnt, seem to like to do) they actually showed an interest in hanging around us. So, Helen suggested we play a […]

I Won A Synology DS418play - The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I Won A Synology DS418play

For the second year running, I have won a competition via the internet with a prize worth hundreds of pounds. It’s a Synology DS418play NAS and I feel pretty lucky. Last year it was a GoPro 4 with accessories from an Instagram contest run by Challenge Sophie and today I took delivery of this Synology […]

Made up a joke

Made up a joke today that made my dancing daughters laugh… 😁 Why did the #dancer failed her maths exam? 😁 Because she could only count to 8! 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 #badjokes #jokes #dancejokes #dancing #dancer #dance #funny #dadjokes #baddadjokes #laugh #smile http://ift.tt/2kRhsHh

Industrial North Yorkshire

I made this photograph last week on my way in to work. It’s about as industrialised as my local area gets! A gorgeous amber sunrise coming from behind those chimneys. 📷 📷 📷 📷 📷 #sunrise #industrial #glow #sun #sky #skyporn #goodmorning #dailyphoto #industrial #cloud #cloudphoto http://ift.tt/2BP60qo

Roman Rota Fun

V made a pottery version of the Roman game of Rota. It’s really fun and addictive. This is a new favourite way to spend fun time with the girls! • • • • • #history #school #roman #romanempire #rota #pottery #games #familyfun http://ift.tt/2BOrfsc

I really miss running when I take days off due to illness. When I take days off due to injury that feels different, like I am taking the time off with a purpose to come back better. I suppose I should think of illness in a similar way – but I don’t. I see days […]

No fabulous sunrise this morning just an equally fabulous spooky morning mist. I’m also feeling much better for a long night’s sleep as well 😁 • • • • • #goodmorning #mist #spooky #spookymist #morningmist #northyorkshire #ryedale #dailyphoto #dadbloggers #silhouette #tree http://ift.tt/2BGwPNt