Nervous About Seeing The Doctor

I’ve never had, nor do I have, a fear of doctors or hospitals or anything like that. Even throughout my many visits in the lead up to my diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis I wasn’t phased by my visits to the doctor nurse or hospital. It’s a bit like some people are scared of the dentist […]

Guiding Your Kids to School Success

Every parent wants to see their child do well at school, right? Every parents wants their child to fulfil their educational potential in order to set themselves up for whatever it is that comes after, right? Yes, this is right, but what is wrong is parents wanting this but doing nothing about it. What is […]

Quality Daddy Daughter Time

There’s nothing better than quality daddy daughter time. As your little daughters grow, the time you’ll be able to spend with them will gradually decrease. Before you know it they’ll be going through the troublesome teenage phase where dads are seen as the most uncool people on the planet, despite you maybe thinking you’re captain […]

How Not To Cook With Your Kids

Anyone who follows me on Instagram can’t fail to notice that I post quite a few photos of food that I cook. I do so unashamedly because part of the reason I do it is because I am proud of myself and blowing your own trumpet now and again is a good thing. Celebrate your […]

Am I Still A YouTuber?

You may or may not know that I also have a YouTube channel. To be honest The Yorkshire Dad channel came before the blog, even though I’ve blogged for quite some time I never really focused on the written word. I then changed my Instagram name to match and my on-line persona grew. I was […]

Love Charity Shops, Kids

When I was a lad money was tight for my parents, it’s only once I became an adult and parent myself that I realised just how big a struggle they had. My mum invariably bought clothes from charity shops and it never bothered me until one Saturday a rather unpleasant lad from school saw me […]