happy birthday

Happy Birthday to Me

This photo is of me and my mate Iain, taken at my 18th birthday party – I was a tad drunk. Things have been so busy lately in our house with the girls that I’d all but forgotten that today is my birthday – 20 years after this photo was taken! With all the running […]

dancer stretching

A Winning Dance Weekend

This weekend saw our girls competing in the second of the three dance festivals they do each academic year – this time at Tadcaster in the lovely Riley Smith Hall. Dance competitions can be just as tough on the parents as it is on those children competing but it’s an experience I relish. We have four […]

snow scene Yorkshire sledging

Snow Glorious Snow

Let’s face it, here in the UK we don’t get that much snow now do we? Well, okay I guess up in Scotland they see far more than we do here in Yorkshire. The funny thing is that since we moved to North Yorkshire just over 3 and a half years ago we’ve not really […]