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Red Post Boxes

The other day I was out walking the dogs around our town and I noticed a red post box. It was the kind built into a wall and it was one I’d not noticed before. I then realised it had the “GR” lettering and I thought I knew what that meant. But when I got […]

Take the Opportunity

I am writing this post (or at least starting it) sat in our local park. The girls are enjoying some of this lovely Yorkshire sunshine we are having at the moment and it’s lovely to just watch them having fun. This park is like many others around the country. It’s nothing special to the average […]


Why Spring Is Your Child’s Best Friend

When it comes to spring, you will generally find that there is plenty you can do with your children which you might not have been able to do over the winter months. Those colder parts of the year are often some of the hardest as a parent, and when it gets to being truly spring […]


My First Visit to an Osteopath

For regular readers of this blog, you will be aware that about my knee troubles as a runner. Recently I have been seeing an NHS physiotherapist who has focussed on strengthening my VMO muscle group around the knee. I was seeking a second (or maybe third) opinion and possibly a different approach to treatment. My […]

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Let’s Talk Boxers Shorts and Socks

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could be an underwear model. An I’m not! Let’s get that settled right away. But I do appreciate a nice pair of boxer shorts and socks. But I am also a tight-fisted Yorkshireman who hates parting with money. If money can be saved, often […]

credit cards

A Little Rant About A Credit Card Company

This blog post is exactly what its title suggests. It is a RANT. It’s a rant about customer service and in particular a rant about customer service from credit card companies. If you like rants, please read one. Some background info So I have a credit card. It recently had a zero balance (i.e. I […]

sugar tax

About The Pointless Sugar Tax

Today’s the day in the UK that the much-anticipated sugar tax comes into force. The, often irritating, Jamie Oliver has courted this for so long and garnered much media attention. But, is it everything it purports to be? I have written about this before on the blog but now it’s in force I thought I […]