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9 Miles and Jab in the Arm

The thing about rheumatoid arthritis, or more particularly those that suffer with it, is that you will no doubt be taking some form of medication. My rheumatology consultant’s poison of choice, and poison is the word, is Methotrexate. But with that weekly dose of 6 little pills comes with it the bi-monthly blood tests.

As usual, I had forgotten to book one this month. Thankfully my local GP surgery is on the ball and called me last week to get booked in. So I went along on my lunch break yesterday.

The last time I had my test in November I also got my flu shot at the same time. I remember I had a sore arm for a day or so.

This time around the nurse asked while drawing my blood, whether I’d like the pneumonia vaccine as I was eligible.

Eligible because I am taking methotrexate.

Oh, why not. To be honest, at this time I’ll take any protection I can get from viruses.

The actual injection was OK. Nothing to write home about there. “It’ll be a bit sore and stiff,” said the nurse (I opted out of making a joke of that one!).

After work, I fed the children. Spaghetti on toast with a poached egg. Hardly nuevo cuisine but quick and functional. Then, after depositing them at dance classes, I set out into the dark.

I was doing those blasted intervals again. But this time half-mile ones. This was the workout:

  • 1.5 mile warm-up
  • 8 x (0.5 miles fast then 0.2 miles slow)
  • 1.5 mile cool-down

I’m pleased to report I rather enjoyed it. Honest!

Running 8.6 miles in an hour and 10 minutes after work on a dark winter night has to be celebrated. I didn’t even feel tired.

“Good grief I am tired”

By 9pm I was wasted. Unable to move from the sofa after sitting down to watch the new Star Trek: Picard. It was fantastic, by the way.

But worse was to come…

By the time I was picking Helen up from work my left arm was in agony. Sore! Sore! I’ll give that nurse sore!

Pain. Very stiff and painful (insert joke here).

Why? Why did I let her do it my left arm? I sleep on my left side for crying out loud. So naturally, I did not have the best night’s sleep.

I took a rest day today. From now on I shall be satisfied with putting the effort in and running 5 days out of 7. Tuesday and Friday shall be my rest days.

My arm is still sore as I type this. It’s been hurting all day but, to be honest, it’s bee a welcome distraction for other shit I have to deal with.

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