baby names what's in a name

What’s In A Name

For most people, the moment they find out that they are expecting attention turns to potential baby names for the new arrival. Of course, more and more people are choosing the find out the sex of their baby and thus narrow down the search field for that all important name. So how did you choose […]


Spring Forward

I love. No, I LOVE the day the clocks go forward. Spring is that time of year when the nights really start to become longer and the weather is definitely warming up. Here’s why I love it so much. Longer Days I’m not sure whether I get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but during the short winters […]

dancing girls

Reflections of Pride on the Dancing Showcase

If you follow this blog or my Instagram or my Twitter then you can’t fail to know that this last weekend all our girls were involved in their dance school bi-annual showcase production. It takes a few days of being laid up with tonsillitis to both process what we saw and get around to writing about. […]

birthday cake

How to Make Your Teenager’s Birthday Extra Special

You always want to make your child’s birthday special. When they’re young, it’s relatively easy: buy a few toys, invest in some balloons, and make a fuss. They’ll be happy with it! When they get to their teenage years, however, things are a little bit more difficult. All of a sudden (where does the time […]

you can't play hockey, you have dancing

You Can’t Play Hockey, You Have Dancing

It’s showcase weekend! It’s finally upon us and last night was the first run through on stage at the venue. I was lucky to be a chaperone so I got to see how things are shaping up – pretty fantastically actually. One thing is for sure, those kids enjoy dancing. Our four girls never seemed […]

runners knee

Runners Kneesup

Anyone who has read my blog before will know I like to run and that recently I have been suffering from some knee issues – probably runners knee. Today I got some news about the long-running knee saga. Runners Knee On a visit to see my GP a few weeks ago, he referred me to […]

sponge cake mothers day

Cake- A Slice Off The Internet

In this day and age of internet shopping, it’s not unusual to order anything from a website anymore. However, ordering a specially made cake from Sponge was a new experience for me. I suspect I am no different to many others who haven’t yet experience ordering a cake from the internet. Here’s how it turned […]

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to Me

This photo is of me and my mate Iain, taken at my 18th birthday party – I was a tad drunk. Things have been so busy lately in our house with the girls that I’d all but forgotten that today is my birthday – 20 years after this photo was taken! With all the running […]

dancer stretching

A Winning Dance Weekend

This weekend saw our girls competing in the second of the three dance festivals they do each academic year – this time at Tadcaster in the lovely Riley Smith Hall. Dance competitions can be just as tough on the parents as it is on those children competing but it’s an experience I relish. We have four […]

snow scene Yorkshire sledging

Snow Glorious Snow

Let’s face it, here in the UK we don’t get that much snow now do we? Well, okay I guess up in Scotland they see far more than we do here in Yorkshire. The funny thing is that since we moved to North Yorkshire just over 3 and a half years ago we’ve not really […]