My First Visit to an Osteopath

For regular readers of this blog, you will be aware that about my knee troubles as a runner. Recently I have been seeing an NHS physiotherapist who has focussed on strengthening my VMO muscle group around the knee. I was seeking a second (or maybe third) opinion and possibly a different approach to treatment. My […]

boxer shorts ben sherman saville row co.

Let’s Talk Boxers Shorts and Socks

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could be an underwear model. An I’m not! Let’s get that settled right away. But I do appreciate a nice pair of boxer shorts and socks. But I am also a tight-fisted Yorkshireman who hates parting with money. If money can be saved, often […]

credit cards

A Little Rant About A Credit Card Company

This blog post is exactly what its title suggests. It is a RANT. It’s a rant about customer service and in particular a rant about customer service from credit card companies. If you like rants, please read one. Some background info So I have a credit card. It recently had a zero balance (i.e. I […]

life insurance

Protect your family home with life insurance cover

Do you need life insurance? These are really difficult questions to answer and uncomfortable to ask, but what if you or your partner was no longer around? Could you: Afford mortgage repayments? What about household bills? Maintain your current standard of living? Who would look after the children? Would you have to go back to […]

grammar school

Grammar Schools Should Be Abolished

You may realise by now that I have some strong views on education and the ways schools are run in general. I take a dim view of the way the Department for Education operates and with that a dim view of how some school operate. But, I can’t stand the fact that state-funded grammar school still […]

baby names what's in a name

What’s In A Name

For most people, the moment they find out that they are expecting attention turns to potential baby names for the new arrival. Of course, more and more people are choosing the find out the sex of their baby and thus narrow down the search field for that all important name. So how did you choose […]


Spring Forward

I love. No, I LOVE the day the clocks go forward. Spring is that time of year when the nights really start to become longer and the weather is definitely warming up. Here’s why I love it so much. Longer Days I’m not sure whether I get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but during the short winters […]

dancing girls

Reflections of Pride on the Dancing Showcase

If you follow this blog or my Instagram or my Twitter then you can’t fail to know that this last weekend all our girls were involved in their dance school bi-annual showcase production. It takes a few days of being laid up with tonsillitis to both process what we saw and get around to writing about. […]