Running Diary 2018 – Week 2

Distance this week: 0km Number of runs this week: 0 Distance to goal: 1988.9km I pretty much want to forget this week in terms of my physical activity! It’s a write-off and nothing more. That said it has allowed me some vital rest time. The fact is I got ill – a virus. I knew I […]

Happy Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary and next month marks 20 years since we first met and got together. I say “celebrate” in a loose way because the truth is that we don’t really have time to celebrate as such. You see Helen is working, the young girls have dance all morning and a […]

When Speeding Isn’t Speeding

Last year, after being a licensed driver for 20 years, I was caught speeding by a mobile speed camera. When the letter from the Police traffic bureau arrived I knew it straight away – I remember the day clearly. I was on the way home from Park Run with the older two girls. We were […]

Trumping Brexit

If you thought this blog was going to stick to family life and my running you would be very much mistaken. No, I do have opinions about things as well and today I’m writing about two. Trump & Brexit You see to me Donald Trump is very similar to Brexit – here’s why: Trump became […]

What to watch on TV this Christmas

I remember as a boy that my Mum would always buy both the Radio Times  and the TV Times Christmas editions. It always made me giggle with excitement as this event meant Christmas was not very far away and I would spend a good long while pouring over both books ensuring I knew exactly which […]