Cultural Appreciation

Earlier this week I saw Tweet by the well know TV broadcaster, photographer and naturalist Chris Packham. Happy Christmas @VisitFaroe @TheFaroeIslands @Tinganes I hope Santa visits this child and brings her some compassion , a respect for life , an awareness of conservation and the desire to grow up and drag your community into the 21st Century RT Within […]

Keep it simple – keep it fun

Last night the two youngest girls we at their pantomime rehearsals for a few hours so we were left alone with the teenagers. Rather than skulking off to their rooms (as teenagers, I have learnt, seem to like to do) they actually showed an interest in hanging around us. So, Helen suggested we play a […]

I Won A Synology DS418play

For the second year running I have won a competition via the internet with a prize worth hundreds of pounds. I feel pretty lucky. Last year it was a GoPro 4 with accessories from an Instagram contest run by @ChellengeSophie and today I took delivery of this Synology DS418play courtesy of a giveaway on […]

Mums – let us help

I am usually a positive person. Or, at least I try to be a positive person. But, truth be told, I can be a bit of a grumpy arse at times too. However, today I am really trying to be positive – because I feel like death warmed up (as my Mum says) and if […]

Recipe: Caramel Croissant Pudding

Us folk from God’s Own County of Yorkshire love a bit of bread and butter pudding. It’s a staple Sunday lunch dessert services with (preferably) a good helping of double cream, or sometime custard. It’s a pudding that you can’t really improve on for using us stale, slightly past it’s best, but still perfectly edible […]

What’s Happening in Schools

I’m 37. It’s 21 years since I left school and started my first job. I suppose my memory of what school, especially secondary school, was like is somewhat eroded and I have the advantage of being able to look back with with somewhat rose-tinted glasses. I’ve not really had too much cause to look back […]

Paint it Black Friday

The Rolling Stones once sang “Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts, It’s not easy facing up when your whole world is black” in their 1966 classic Paint it Black. And here and now today in 2017 it’s Black Friday and our world is turning black. As a Yorkshireman, an […]

The Glass Is Half Full

Ask my wife and she will tell you that I can be a bit or a Negative Nelly at times. Something will happen and I’ll be all doom and gloom and often it can take days for me to climb out of my grumpiness. But, today I turned a corner… After a successful trip to […]

Take a Breath

I write this on the same day as our family acquires a second teenager. Of course we haven’t just nipped down to the local workhouse and coughed up for a little urchin in the the style of some fairy tale Dickens-esk novel, no, our second born has reach the tender age of 13. When her […]

Organising Chaos

As I type this I have been sat in the church hall of our local Methodist church for just over two hours, and I will be here for two hours more. It’s Saturday morning and that means alternating dance classes for D and V starting at 8:30 am. Now that H has gone back to […]