My First Visit to an Osteopath

For regular readers of this blog, you will be aware that about my knee troubles as a runner. Recently I have been seeing an NHS physiotherapist who has focussed on strengthening my VMO muscle group around the knee. I was seeking a second (or maybe third) opinion and possibly a different approach to treatment. My […]

runners knee

Runners Kneesup

Anyone who has read my blog before will know I like to run and that recently I have been suffering from some knee issues – probably runners knee. Today I got some news about the long-running knee saga. Runners Knee On a visit to see my GP a few weeks ago, he referred me to […]

my running week

Running Diary 2018 – Week 8

Running week 19th to 25th January Distance this week: 37.9km Number of runs this week: 6 Distance to goal: 1912.3km What a difference a couple of weeks and a visit to the doctor makes! From worrying about never running again to running 6 days out of 7 – it’s an amazing turnaround. What’s more, I feel great […]

Running Diary 2018 – Week 3

Distance this week: 18.8km Number of runs this week: 4 Distance to goal: 1970.1km A better week than last week – I actually ran! The week started with a short evening run with both dogs. Dottie is retired from running but I took her to make sure I didn’t go too fast as I hadn’t run […]