Bad days build better days | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Bad Days Build Better Days

As hard as we might try sometimes, not every day can be a good day. I’d go so far as to say that anyone who says they never have bads days is lying through their teeth. Sometimes you might want to portray that your days are good and nothing is wrong, but eventually, the mask […]

Running in Circles | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Running In Circles

Track running is not, nor never shall be, something I am interested in. The idea of running in circles, past the same scenery on an incessant orange lozenge is just not my idea of fun. But, this morning, I found myself running in circles anyway. Granted, my 5am workout this morning was not on a […]

Running Under the Stars | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Running Under the Stars

Some runs are just damn well near perfect, aren’t they? Tonight I planned a 5-mile steady-paced run. After the 6 miles on Saturday and the 12 miles yesterday I thought I’d start the week nice and easy, ya know! I was a little bit trepidatious about it – if I am honest. You see, the […]

The Perfect Long Sunday Run | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The Perfect Long Sunday Run

Perfection is an often overused word. In fact, is it possible to achieve perfection? Should we not aim for perfection and hope to catch excellence? Anyway, the long Sunday run – what can make that perfect? Today’s run really was pretty much perfect. Firstly, there was not a sniff of any rain at all. The […]

Mud, mud, river, mud | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Mud, mud, river, mud

Once upon a time, I was not a runner. In fact, if we go back to my school cross country running days (the enforced ones, nothing voluntary) then you would recognise me as a running denier. If the thought of running was a heinous one, then the thought of a muddy run was simply unfathomable. […]

I Chuffin Hate Speed Work | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I Chuffin Hate Speed Work

Speed work. Intervals Fartleks. Sprints. Call then what the chuff you like 0 I hate them. I am not a professional athlete but somehow I get swallowed up by the running bug and end up doing these sessions. Why? Why do I do speed work when I hate it? I love running. But I love […]

A Run Round Rosedale Railway | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Run Round Rosedale Railway

The remote hillsides of the valley of Rosedale in North Yorkshire once rang to the sounds of clangs and clatter of the ironstone industry. Nowadays all that remains are some stunning ruins of the kilns and the old railway trackbed. But that trackbed is a fantastic path for a run. Rather than go to parkrun […]

Fitness 101: Finding The Fun Factor | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Fitness 101: Finding The Fun Factor

When starting a new fitness scheme, your priorities will probably lie with losing weight, getting stronger, or improving your 10km PB. While all of those incentives will keep you motivated, you must not ignore the need for sustainability. With this mind, injecting a sense of enjoyment is essential. Once exercise becomes fun, you’ll be far […]