Domain Authority 2.0 - Thanks for Nothing Moz | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Domain Authority 2.0 – Thanks for Nothing Moz

For any blogger wishing to monetise their blog through paid guest posts, collaborative posts or general sponsored posts in some way such as gifting, Domain Authority is vital. Prospective collaborative partners with check your score and assess whether you are worthwhile working with. So, the higher your score the better your chances. What is domain […]

My Issue With School League Tables | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

My Issue With School League Tables

You may have seen in the news this week that the latest secondary school league tables have been released. While it’s interesting to see the data in this table and compare school, for me they are flawed. That’s why I take absolutely no interest in them when it comes to my daughters’ educations. Education is […]

The Old Door | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The Old Door

I don’t know why, but I love photographing doors. Ones with character, like this old door, are a particular favorite. There is something special and a door that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe there’s a metaphor in there. Some sort of sub-conscious meaning to a fondness for doors. A bit like when one door closes, another […]

Let’s Talk Tents

We may have only just got into 2019 but already people will be looking ahead to getting away on holiday later this year. We’re all feeling the pinch so maybe a cheaper, yet more adventurous getaway in a tent, sleeping under canvas, could prove to be an option. There can’t be many people who can […]

Part Time Bloggers - Are They A Problem | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Part Time Bloggers – Are They A Problem

Once upon a time, I was a part-time photographer whilst I also had a full-time career in IT. It was all above board and I was registered with HMRC and paid my taxes. But, in the wedding photography industry, there was some hostility. This hostility was towards us, part-timers. Sometimes it was clearly because full-time photographers […]

The Perenial Aftershave

Last night was the primary school Christmas fayre. You know what they’re like; tombola, raffle, cakes, book stall, sweets, handmade decorations. Pretty standard stuff really. Verity had a go on the tombola. Our girls tend to do well on them and I did have my eye on a hotel of Jagameister at the back. Sadly, […]