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Part Time Bloggers – Are They A Problem

Once upon a time, I was a part-time photographer whilst I also had a full-time career in IT. It was all above board and I was registered with HMRC and paid my taxes. But, in the wedding photography industry, there was some hostility. This hostility was towards us, part-timers. Sometimes it was clearly because full-time photographers […]

The Perenial Aftershave

Last night was the primary school Christmas fayre. You know what they’re like; tombola, raffle, cakes, book stall, sweets, handmade decorations. Pretty standard stuff really. Verity had a go on the tombola. Our girls tend to do well on them and I did have my eye on a hotel of Jagameister at the back. Sadly, […]

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My Photo Friday – Linky #4

It’s Friday again, and its time for My Photo Friday. Thank youf ro coming back to My Photo Friday and sharing your photos. Please do spread the word through Twitter and Facebook about this new photography based linky. My Photo Friday is a place to post and share your favourite photos, whether that be from […]

Running in the Dark

If you’re a runner the chances are that winter is your least favourite time of year. But likewise, if you’re a runner you go out no matter the weather. But in winter it’s not just the weather you have to contend with. We all lead busy lives and sometimes you simply can’t get out for […]

Great Shows To Watch This Autumn - The Yorkshire Dad of Four

Great Shows To Watch This Autumn

Now that we are well and truly into autumn, you will have certainly noticed that the nights are darker and the weather outside is a whole lot colder than what it has been. You probably won’t want to spend too much time outside anymore, so what better way to spend your evenings than by snuggling […]