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Must-Have‌ ‌Tools‌ ‌For‌ ‌Your‌ ‌DIY‌ ‌Toolbox‌

Spending some extended time at home due to the effects of Covid-19? You are probably out of excuses to avoid doing some odd jobs around the house. Or you may have developed some affinity for DIY and are ready to start renovating the house. To accomplish this, you will need to have a DIY toolbox that has the basic tools you need to fix up the parts of your home that require your attention. You don’t actually need many tools to be able to handle home emergencies and half a dozen regular tools should be enough to cover basic repairs. Here are a few of those tools.


A hammer is good for many things. It is often used to knock nails into wood. According to carpentry experts, having a lightweight, versatile hammer that can be multi-purposed is the best to have. For instance, a 16-ounce hammer with a curved claw is perfect for several tasks. It can be used for delicate stuff such as hanging pictures or for more heavy-duty activities such as banging farming numbers into place. The curved claw is also great for pulling mishit nails out of wood.


There are several things in the home that are attached with screws. Screws are used to hold furniture together and are also used to connect doorknobs, cabinet doors, and outlet covers. A screwdriver set comes in handy when you have to fix any of these things. You will need to have an expansive screwdriver set, though, because screws come in different sizes and types. The most common ones are the Flat-head, which has a single slot on its head, and Phillips that looks like a cross.

Adjustable wrench

This tool comes in very handy when dealing with items that are not connected with nails or screws. Such items are usually connected with bolts and nuts. You will need an adjustable wrench to tighten or loosen those bolts. The advantage of having an adjustable wrench is that you can alter the size to fit nuts of different sizes.

Glue guns

This tool is used in many industries and is very handy when fixing things up in the house. Its ability to work excellently on wood products can be used for door, window, and flooring installation. They are also perfect for some home-made DIY decorations such as paper flowers or can be combined with other plastics to make phone cases. Glue Guns Direct has some great options for all your glue gun needs.


A lot of DIY activities involve grasping something firmly so that you can turn or pull it. And most of the time, your fingers cannot provide the required force to hold things in place. Pliers, however, are made for just that. It is useful for pinching wires, loosening nuts, and removing plumbing fixtures.

Safety gear

Remember to stay safe when engaging in any DIY activity. Ensure you have all the appropriate protective gear on during a DIY session. Gloves, goggles, and masks are essential.

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