Lightwater Valley Theme Park the Ultimate

My Sunday Photo: Scream If You Want to Go Faster

My Sunday photo this week is from our visit to Lightwater Valley a few days ago. We had a brilliant day there and we took lots of photos and video.

This photo is a little bit of a cheat because it’s a still grabbed from a video I shot using my GoPro HERO 4. I had the GoPro on a selfie stick that was secure to by wrist so it wasn’t going anyway. I know this photo wouldn’t win any technical competitions but that’s not why I love it. The reason I love it becuase it has captured the sheer joy in my youngest daughter Verity. This was her first time on a proper big roller coaster and she loved it!

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We’ve had a really busy week doing lots of awesome things such as indoor rock climbing at Rock Up in Hull, the York Chocoate Story and as I’ve already mentioned our visit to Lightwater Valley. I also launched by own podcast this week too – click here to check it out.!

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