I love evening family walks with the dogs after work. Tonight we went to the local dry river bed and made up games, one was who could build the best stone ring. So much fun and in the great outdoors.

Big day today as I ventured away from #Adidas for my road running shoes and switched to #Mizuno. They were in my budget of money saved from running and cycling and feel great. Now I just need to get well enough to run again. #newshoes #mizunorunning #running running 🏃 💟 http://ift.tt/2ai7ETR

Earlier today I watched a inspirational TED talk by @challengesophie and she mentioned this quote. I’ve never heard it before but it’s already a favourite http://ift.tt/2aoJdpg

I guess we’ll be hearing this song A LOT over the coming days, weeks and months as this is D’s song for her modern performance for next years dances festivals. I like it. Never heard it before in my life (nor had I heard of the musical The Wiz either) but I do like it. […]