Thanks to a customer in the chip shop Helen works at we learnt about Skinningrove beach on the Northumberland coast. What a great little place this is and a brilliant dog (an child) friendly too. It was a nice warm day although that North Sea was a tad nippy if you ask me. Enjoy. Music: […]

This little thing is soooo much fun. Thanks @challengesophie and @goprouk for this prize. Another video, this time from the beach, is heading to YouTube shortly. #dadventure #goprohero4 #prizewinner

I’m lucky because I’ve never got into an argument over cyclists and road tax. If I were to get into such an argument I would of course politely tell my co-argumentor (is that a word?) that ALL tax payers pay for the roads and not just car/van/truck users. But I like this informative graphic to […]