school classroom

We Moved Them To A New School

Three and a half years ago we moved away from our home and started a new life in the country. Doing that meant uprooting the girls and moving schools. At the time the eldest two were in years 5 and 4, the younger two in reception and nursey. At those ages it’s wasn’t such a […]

Dad Business: Taking Advantage Of Your Stress-Born Skills

If there is one thing which all parents will get from their time with a child, it’s education. Learning how to care for another person, having to help with homework you haven’t done for decades, and trying to understand to complexities of childhood can be impossible when you first get started. Over time, though, you […]

fly little bird

Fly Little Bird

Letting go is hard. You may be our third born daughter but these milestone moments never feel any less important to us. Today is a big one for you – your first residential school trip. You are so excited and we for you too. You shall have the most amazing time, we’re sure of that. […]

running update

How’s the Running Going, Dave?

In my real life – you know the one I live in person and not online – I am often asked how my running is going. It’s friends, acquaintances and sometimes people I might have seen around town but don’t actually know but they know me. I realised when I was asked this very question by […]

family camping

How To Convince Your Family Into Taking A Camping Holiday

Mention a camping holiday to your family, and you may not get the desired response you were looking for. Rather than excitement at being in the great outdoors, you may have to put up with moans and groans. Chances are, their complaints will get the better of you, and you will find yourself heading out […]

10 Tips To Making Better Smartphone Photos

Smartphone photos are taking over the world. Literally. What camera does Flickr state to be the most popular used to take photos on there? Yes, an iPhone. Even I, who owns a DSRL camera and various lenses, opt to take 90% of my photos with my phone (a Samsung S7). That being said, there are […]

me and my third born

4 Little Things To Support Your Pregnant Wife

As a father of four children, I think I know a little bit about supporting a pregnant wife, after all, I’ve done it four times over. Here are my 4 little things you can do to support your pregnant wife. Expecting a child is one of the most magical moments of your couple’s life. For you, […]

father's day

Father’s Day Gift Guide Under £20

Father’s Day in the UK in 2018 is Sunday 17th June. I say the UK because I’m never sure if Father’s Day is like Mother’s day, where it is at different times of the year in different countries. Anyway, here’s my slightly quirky (you’ll see) gift guide but keeping individual items under £20. I feel […]


A Small Moment of Realisation

Yesterday, three of our girls were auditioning for a new production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The auditions were in York, but in an area, I was unfamiliar with. There all had different time slots so after the younger two were done we went home (a 27-ish mile journey) so Helen could go […]

Dad's taxi

Dad’s Taxi

As a parent, you will undoubtedly understand the term “Dad’s Taxi” or “Mum’s Taxi”. In some cases, it could even be “Gran’s Taxi”. You get what I’m saying here though – yes? Of course you do. It’s the fact that as parents to our ever more demanding off-spring we tend to find our selves running around […]