It Pays to Challenge Amazon | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

It Pays to Challenge Amazon

Amazon is a huge, global organisation. For one person to try and take them on and get anything back would seem futile. But it’s not. It really does pay to challenge Amazon and complain when you think you have been wronged by this internet giant. There have a been a few occasions where taking the time […]

Happy Birthday Helen | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Happy Birthday Helen

Today is my wife’s birthday, yet as I type this blog I am sat along, backstage at the theatre while panto dance rehearsals take place on the stage above me. The things we do and the sacrifices we make for our kids never ends.     This morning, instead of a lazy lie in with […]

15 Best Bedroom Flooring Ideas | Laminate flooring | The Yorkshire Dad of Four

15 Best Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Decorating your bedroom gives you the opportunity to really express your creative side. As one of the most personal rooms in the house, you can afford to live life on the wild side and go for striking bold patterns or create the tranquil retreat you’ve dreamed of. When it comes to flooring we’re faced with […]

What Ewe Looking At? | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

What Ewe Looking At?

What ewe looking at? I do enjoy walking the dogs, a good job as we have two of them. But more so, I enjoy it when the girls come too and we just chat as we walk along. They’re not always that enthusiastic about walking the dogs, especially the teenagers. Sometimes I wonder if they […]