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Running Under the Stars

Some runs are just damn well near perfect, aren’t they? Tonight I planned a 5-mile steady-paced run. After the 6 miles on Saturday and the 12 miles yesterday I thought I’d start the week nice and easy, ya know!

I was a little bit trepidatious about it – if I am honest. You see, the weekend running caused a little bit of the, erm, you know, chaffing! So, naturally, I was greased up like a Christmas goose! I needn’t have worried, my skin was gliding along as well as I was.

Withing 200 yards of setting off I knew this was going to be a blindingly good run. I felt great. My legs were moving wonderfully and it felt easy. This, I thought, is what training does – it makes you better.

By now you are probably wondering where the heck I plucked trepidatious from. Well, I made it up! Then I discovered it was a real word. Just call me Oxford – yeah!

I had my head torch on, my hi-viz gilet and Duke had his flashing collar that you can see from as much as 3 inches away! Yeah, we’ll be fine.

Once off the main road and sanctuary of a path (strip of rough tarmac separated from the highway by a thinner strip of grass), it was the country lanes of north Ryedale. One car was all I encountered – thank goodness.

Even up the hills, or as I like to call them around here – slight gradients, I felt like I was going good. At around miles in I looked up and BANG! I was hit by an errant sheep!

Just kidding!

But it was a heart-stopping moment as the sky was so clear and the stars so bright I was sure I was having a celestial moment.

Obviously, even the camera in my Galaxy S7 didn’t take the photo at the top of this post. No, I took that with my proper camera, on a tripod, remotely triggered using my phone from metres away to avoid any shake. I don’t mess around, you know!

Back to the run. The sky was awesome, I tell thi’.

Just then I heard my phone pinggggggg. A text. Damn!

I wanted so badly to ignore it. However, V had gone to dance classes feeling a bit tired and I thought it might be the dance teacher asking me to come and remove my sleeping child from her studio floor.

It wasn’t the smallest child at all. It was work. A server crash.

So, I completed the last mile a little bit in a mood and feeling like my glorious starry-sky moment had been stolen from me.

Also, that last mile was pretty much all downhill so it was bloody awesome.

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