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Teaching Your Family To Care For Their Teeth

When it comes to good habits such as the correct oral hygiene, it is something that you should start to instil in your children from a young age. However, it does not mean only to teach your children to brush their teeth. There are also other aspects that you need to educate them in such as a healthy diet. Below is some advice to help you get your children to look after their smile so that they have it for many years to come.

Start Them Early

As soon as your child starts to get their teeth coming through, it would be best if you got them into the routine of taking care of them as early as possible. You will need a soft toothbrush, especially for babies, and it will go much easier if you try to turn it into a game and something fun for them. Every child is different, and some children love to brush their teeth as a baby, and some do not. If your child is not taking to brushing their teeth, try changing the toothpaste and see if this makes a difference.

Visit The Dentist

The best way to help a child avoid having a phobia of dentists is to find a local family-friendly dentist and take your child to them regularly. You can find a dentist in Brisbane CBD if that is convenient for you, or one in a closer suburb by searching the internet. Many dental clinics will offer specialist children’s dentistry so you can find a practice with ease that your child will feel comfortable at, helping to prevent any anxiety from causing a potential phobia. 

Child at the dentist | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
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Keep Up The Habit

It is essential that when your child gets older and starts to be a little more independent, that they continue to follow the correct oral hygiene routine. You can allow them to brush their teeth themselves while you supervise, ensuring that they brush correctly and floss their teeth at least once a day. Where possible, you will also want to try and encourage them to brush after every meal to keep their teeth in the best possible condition.

A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Something else which you should teach your children from as young an age as possible is to eat a healthy and balanced diet. There are many benefits to this and not only for your teeth and eating a balanced and nutritious diet will help to keep their body healthy as well. Encourage your children to eat fruit and vegetables and stay away from sugary drinks and snacks, especially hard sweets which are placed in the mouth and sucked on, as these are detrimental for the health of your teeth. However, a balanced diet does not mean your child cannot enjoy sweets and snacks, it is all about moderation and limiting how much of these they have, having them as a treat rather than a regular occurrence.

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Getting your children to eat healthily, take care of their teeth, and exercise regularly, will help to keep them fit and strong for a long time to come. 

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