Tell-tale Signs Your Floors Need Replacing

If your flooring is looking worse for wear, the time has come for an upgrade. Sometimes the signs can be obvious and for others, the signs can be subtler. Sooner or later though, your flooring will need to be replaced altogether. This article will list some common signs you can look out for to spot when it’s time to trade the old in for the new.

When you are searching for new flooring, you need to find somewhere reputable that stocks a selection of quality wooden flooring. A reliable store like Fine Oak Flooring offers solid wood flooring UK homeowners prefer. You’ll walk away with something that looks great in your home and doesn’t break the bank, knowing that you are getting the best for your money.

Signs Your Wooden Floors Need Replacing
It has reached its expiry date

Floors that are ten years or older normally start showing obvious signs of wear and tear. On the other hand, if you have hardwood or stone flooring, you will find the lifespan is much longer.

If you want to revitalise old looking floors that have been around for more than a decade, the best thing is to replace them altogether. When you start hearing the creaks, this is another sign they are due for an upgrade!

You are seeing cracks

Once you start seeing cracks in your floors, you know it’s time to get replacements in. If you are thinking it is just one crack, you shouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing more that begin to surface. In general, it’s safer and visually more appealing to replace the floors once you start seeing cracks.

Part of the floor needs replacing but you cannot find the right flooring

If you have to start mixing and matching flooring types, it’s time to get a complete upgrade. Maybe your flooring is so outdated you cannot see anything similar in the shops. This way you will get continuity over the floors and have a clean finish.

You are seeing stains and discoloured areas

The darker the spots and marks you are seeing, the clearer the signs that your floors need an upgrade. Also, it could be a sign that there is water damage happening. This is why it’s so crucial to wipe up spillages as soon as you see them as wooden floors are particularly sensitive to water damage.

When you act on these signs and get new flooring, your entire home will benefit from the increase in its value and visual appeal.

If you’re planning a move and want to make your home more marketable, having your floors redone can add a bit of value to your property and is a good investment to make. It’s important that you also promote this fact online to really drive the footfall and hike up interest as it’s a definite selling point.

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