The Health Benefits Of Tennis

Have you ever considered the reasons that people play tennis? It’s not just about being the next tennis superstar or the next best Olympic tennis athlete, but the fun of it. Tennis comes with a lot of health benefits and so does something like table tennis. Table tennis and tennis are hobbies for some people but something bigger for others. It’s a fun way to exercise so that you feel good in yourself, start a new hobby and enjoy a game that’s strategic and enduring. 

You can improve your hobby with tips to improve table tennis fast and you can improve your tennis game, too. Tennis and table tennis are very different, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lot of fun with it. There are plenty of health benefits of both and below, we’ve got a list of all the reasons you should try out tennis – the health benefits of tennis alone are worth noting if you want to do more for your health! 

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  1. Tennis is a full body workout, which is unique to most sports. You’ll be working out your core, your arms and your legs. Your lower body will be used for running back and forth, stopping and starting and crouching and keeping up with the movement. The movement you have to take when you are hitting the tennis ball will keep your whole body feeling strong.
  2. You’ll improve your aerobic/anaerobic health. Tennis helps you to increase your intake of oxygen, and not many people realise this fact! Your muscles will use that oxygen in a better way and you will improve your fitness as a whole when you are playing tennis more than any other sport out there.
  3. Burning calories. One of the most important things for losing weight is a calorie deficit. Burning calories can help you to maintain that deficit, helping you to lose weight and really reduce your body fat. Tennis can burn 600 calories in an hour, and that’s a lot of calories when you factor in your movement for the whole tennis match. 
  4. Improving your bone health. Playing tennis does so much more for your muscles than anything else and it has a positive impact on your bones. Exercise can increase your bone mass and slow the rate of bone loss at the same time. 
  5. It’s so good for your heart. Your heart health is important if you want to ensure that you are living for longer and living a healthier life. Your constant movement and workouts while you practice and play tennis are going to strengthen your heart and improve your overall cardiovascular health. 
  6. Better flexibility. The movement up and down a court is going to help your muscles and ligaments to move and warm, and you will improve your flexibility and coordination, balance and more. You will be able to maneuver better, improve your range of motion and prevent injuries and muscle strain over time.
  7. Giving the brain a boost. Tennis requires you to plan, be tactical, creative and be stronger and better every single time. When you play, you improve and strengthen your neural connections, develop new brain pathways and more. You’ll improve your memory, improve what you can learn and enhance your social skills and behaviour all at the same time. You can ensure that you are healthy when you put tennis into the mix, and you will find that over time, your ability to think better and clearer improves, too.
  8. You’ll learn to problem solve. Your ability to solve problems with your training in tennis will help you to solve problems in other areas of life, too. Tennis is brilliant cross-training with other sports, meaning that you can learn other sports than tennis just as quickly. You can spend time working on hitting, sprinting and endurance when you play more tennis.
  9. You can improve your discipline. Tennis can ensure that you are more disciplined as the skills you need to master tennis will take time, patience and dedication. There is a lot of time that you will spend practicing and focusing with tennis and that can make your game much easier.
  10. Boosting your mood. Is there anything better than being great at sport when you love a sport like tennis? You will be much more optimistic about the game you play and you’ll feel confident whenever you come up against your opponent. Tennis gives you a chance to boost your mood, feel good and workout. Now you can see the health benefits of tennis, when are you booking yours?

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