Why I Won’t Stop My Kids Drinking Sugary Drinks

You must have seen the commotion caused as the makers of IRN-BRU announced that they are altering the recipe of their popular drink to reduce the sugar content in there famous drink from 10% sugar to 5% sugar and replace it with artificial sweetners. If not then take a look at Sky News.

Now the title of this post might suggest that my children drink sugary drinks until they are higher than an addict of something far more sinister. Actually that’s not the truth at all.

We generally don’t buy fizzy drinks at home. We might get the odd bottle of Pepsi Max but that’s about it until Christmas or a special occasion. But the thing is this is our choice and that is the point I would like to make,


As an adult I make choices every day. As a parent those choices also affect my children. We make choices and that is our right to do so. This is whether the nanny-state starts to get on my wick just a bit.

The sugar tax. Oh I hate that terms and I hate that smarmy Jamie Oliver for his link to it even more. We don’t need taxes or laws limiting what we buy – not at all. What we need is people to understand balance. i eat a balanced diet, as do my children. Is there sugar and fat in there – yes absolutely. Is there a good mix of healthier stuff thrown is – oh hell yes. Why not?

We educate our children to eat a balanced diet. We let them have a bag of crisp, but we ask that they limit it to only one in any day. There might be a chocolate biscuit after a meal, but there’s also fruit that is eaten. It’s a balance.

I am actually offended that our Government chooses this route of bullying us to do things rather that educating. Those of us that are balanced and careful and try to do the right thing are being punished because there are idiots out there who dont’ give a flying fart about their, or their children’s, health. Thanks for that, another case of the few spoiling it for the many.

I’m off now to buy a can of IRN-BRU….

Thanks for reading and I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Stop My Kids Drinking Sugary Drinks”

  1. Hi David!
    Good post. I’m reading The Angry Chef by Anthony Warner at the moment (Christmas present) on this very topic. He’s totally against any kind of restrictive diet that takes the enjoyment out of food, including sugar!
    Happy New Year to you, Helen and kids.

    1. Hi Helen and thanks for the supportive comment. I’m just getting back into blogging and I was bit worried of stirring up a bit of storm with this view point. I’m so glad you understood my angle! Hope you all have a good festive season. Happy new year!

      1. I take the same view as you, I never buy fizzy drinks except at Christmas, but the kids have them sometimes when we’re out. I’ve always thought that the more you ban stuff, the more they want it!
        Good luck with the blog.

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