Yorkshire Marathon Training: Week 1 – Thursday

Oh boy the DOMS! I thought I’d got away with it when I woke yesterday feeling pretty fresh despite “running” up Snowdon the previous night. But no, it got me today.

I’d set my alarm for 5am and 6am hoping to get up for a run up through the old quarry. On both occasions, my body and mind said a firm “NO!”. When I did finally get up out of bed at 6:45am I knew instantly that my legs were in a state.

I felt VERY stiff and both calves were rock solid. I have to be careful not to overtrain. So what did I do? Yes, I went for a run.

The far end of Llyn Peris looking back towards Llanberis

Running through the quarry wasn’t an option as I just didn’t have the time window anymore. So I ran out along the road at the side of Llyn Peris. This is an interesting reservoir as it’s now the source of power for the Dinorwig power station. This is hydroelectric power station drains this lake during the night to generate electricity and during the day it is refilled again from a reservoir further up the mountain.

I estimated that running to the end of the lake and back would be about 5km and I wasn’t wrong. It was a pretty flat out-and-back route and quite enjoyable really.

The run loosened my muscles but I know I need to take a day off to help recovery. I’ll do that tomorrow as we’re driving to the lakes anyway for a long weekend in the trailer tent.

My mileage for the week is up to almost 20 miles now (19.54 according to Strava but given the pausing issues it will be over 20). I’ll take tomorrow off, have a steady run on Saturday and see how I feel about a long run on Sunday as we are away on a break.

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