We’ve become a bit of a consumerist society where when something breaks we just replace it and often what was broken, although likely repairable, ends up in landfill. Our vacuum cleaner stopped working. It was just out of warranty and it was a cheap model so paying another £50 for another may not have been too bad but why should I? My Dad always repaired, or tried, things if they broke. I suspected a loose connection in the plug but of course modern electrical goods have moulded, unserviceable, plugs. So I chopped off the wire and salvaged a plug from an extension cable. The vacuum is fixed and it cost us nothing. So the next time you have something that’s broken please try to repair it before replacing. Here in Kirkbymoorside we’ve just had a monthly repair cafe start up offering free repairs of anything you can think of, so at least if I didn’t know what I was doing I could have taken it there. #recycle #repair #madedoandmend #consumerism http://ift.tt/2gjJud8

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