Back in the Summer of '95 | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Back in the Summer of ’95

It would be fair to say that my memories of a summer holiday in Hyeres in the south of France 25 years ago may be somewhat sketchy. But, I shall endeavour to recount the fun and hilarity of what remains one of my favourite summers ever. Around this time, 25 years ago, I was returning […]

Our Dalmatian: Targeting the Idea Weight | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Our Dalmatian: Targeting the Idea Weight

Dottie is our Dalmatian. Dalmatians are an ancient breed of dog dating back to 2000BC and originating in the Dalmatia region in Croatia. We’ve had her for 8 years now, but she was a puppy when we brought her home. She was a rescue dog and around 2 years old. Recently she’s had to go […]

JustFab - Is it a scam? Is it a con? | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

JustFab – Is it a scam? Is it a con?

[Disclaimer: This piece is based on my opinions of JustFab (UK ) Ltd from personal experience of dealing with this organisation. The opinions I express here are purely that and not necessarily fact.] Have you ever been looking through your bank statement and see a payment you know nothing about? It’s a horrible feeling. You […]

The Austrian Exchange Meeting

In three weeks time, our fourteen-years-old daughter will travel to Austria with 26 other students from her school. She’s there for a week and will be living with a girl called Maria and her family in the south-east of the country. What an amazing opportunity she’s got in front of her on this Austrian Exchange. Tonight […]

A Long Way From Lara

I’m not in this photo as I’m taking it. It doesn’t matter though as I’ve just spend a lovely Boxing Day with my family, mum and my sister (plus family) who are visiting from Australia. After experiencing the horses and hounds it was to the G&D for a Boxing Day brunch. The fact we then […]