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JustFab – Is it a scam? Is it a con?

[Disclaimer: This piece is based on my opinions of JustFab (UK ) Ltd from personal experience of dealing with this organisation. The opinions I express here are purely that and not necessarily fact.] Have you ever been looking through your bank statement and see a payment you know nothing about? It’s a horrible feeling. You […]

The Austrian Exchange Meeting

In three weeks time, our fourteen-years-old daughter will travel to Austria with 26 other students from her school. She’s there for a week and will be living with a girl called Maria and her family in the south-east of the country. What an amazing opportunity she’s got in front of her on this Austrian Exchange. Tonight […]

A Long Way From Lara

I’m not in this photo as I’m taking it. It doesn’t matter though as I’ve just spend a lovely Boxing Day with my family, mum and my sister (plus family) who are visiting from Australia. After experiencing the horses and hounds it was to the G&D for a Boxing Day brunch. The fact we then […]