gift ideas for godparents of toddlers

8 Gift Ideas For Your Toddler Godchild

It’s a wonderful honour to be asked to be a child’s godparent, isn’t it? But, it’s also a little daunting. What’s this whole godparenting thing all about? What does it really mean? And what exactly are you expected to do? Most modern godparents have no idea what the prestigious title entails.

Are you expected to provide spiritual guidance and weekly religious comment? Will you be asked to bring the children up if their parents meet an untimely demise? Or do you just have to send a birthday card and expensive gift on birthdays?

What are the rules for godparenting?

One piece of advice we can give you is to give your godchild whatever it is they may be lacking at home. For instance, if your godchild has annoying helicopter parents who only buy them educational toys and never let them touch sugar – it’s your godparently duty to provide some balance – and a chocolate or two.

And then there are presents. Yes, you are expected to lavish your godchild with presents. But, what do you give a two-year old godchild? Besides looking at baby gifts online by Baby Gift Box, here are a few ideas to get you started.

1) Balls

Big and small colourful balls for throwing around are great for hours of outdoor fun.

2) A Wagon

Who doesn’t love a classic wagon? When your godchild is tired from going on a walk, he or she can hop in the back and enjoy the ride home.

3) Art Supplies

Everyone loves a child’s early scribbles. Give your budding artist all the tools he or she needs, like watercolours, markers and plenty of paper.

4) A Play Kitchen

Get your godchild geared up to be the next Master Chef with a play kitchen complete with spatulas, plastic pots and plastic fruits and vegetables.

5) Sand Toys

Sandbox time is so much more fun with a shovel and pail for building sand castles.

6) Bath Toys

Turn bath time into fun time with rubber duckies, animal bath mitts and animal shaped soaps.

7) Big Construction Blocks

Blocks are perfect for encouraging growing skills – sorting, stacking and even grabbing. Be sure to avoid choking hazards by only choosing sets with pieces that are too big for the little one to fit in his or her mouth. Let your godchild experiment with how many blocks he or she can pile up before the tower comes toppling down.

8) Pull Toys and Puzzles

Pull toys have been entertaining toddlers for years, and most usually have at least some sort of whistle or bell, slapping feet, wagging tales or flapping ears. If you find a pull toy like this, there’s no doubt your godchild will have hours of fun playing. Puzzles are also great for challenging two-year-olds and letting them learn colours and shapes as they go. Choose puzzles with stunning wooden animals or pick puzzle boards that buckle, hook, button and snap.

Use these 8 ideas to find the perfect present for your toddler godchild.

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