She Lost 3 Teeth In A Week!

Losing teeth is a right of passage through childhood and with having four girls we’ve gone through hour fair share of teeth loss and tooth fairy visits. But this week that tooth fairy is going to be getting a little fed up of visiting us!

V has lost 3 teeth in 4 days! On Monday she had a wobbler – in fact this particular tooth had been wobbling for some time. Her singing and dance teacher said (in jest – I think) after her classes on Monday that we need to pull the wobbler out as she had been fiddling with it all through classes. Well on Tuesday a tooth came out. It wasn’t the wobbler! It was the opposite tooth instead. So wobbler clung on for another day. That’s ยฃ1 from the tooth fairy.

Wobbler finally gave in on Wednesday and came out during tea. Thank goodness – it had even started to annoy me! Another ยฃ1 from the tooh fairy.

Today, a bootom one came out while she was eating her pair at lunchtime. Wow! We’ve never had 3 teeth come out in the space of 4 days before! That is some record. So that’s another ยฃ1 from the tooth fairy.

I wonder if Tooth Fairy Inc. do loyalty cards?


2 thoughts on “She Lost 3 Teeth In A Week!”

  1. Just found this after my son lost his 3rd tooth in 3 days. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think we just broke your record.

  2. My daughter lost a top tooth at school on friday the one next to that at breakfast this morning (Sunday) and now itโ€™s tea time and a bottom one has just fell out. She also lost a bottom one at the other side a few weeks ago

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