My Sunday Photo The Portraits I crave

My Sunday Photo: The Portraits I Crave

I love being a photographer and creating portraits of my children. Children’s portraiture has changed over time. My passion, the portraits I crave, are natural, unposed and candid moments. Photography isn’t my profession, it is my passion. But that doesn’t mean I don’t strive to make my work shine. Making these portraits of children isn’t […]

my sunday photo sun ray crepuscular rays

My Sunday Photo: Sun Rays

My Sunday Photo this week is all about light – sun rays of light to be exact. I capture this shot using my new mirrorless Canon with my trusty 50mm lens. I was out capturing candid portraits of my daughter so wasn’t really set up for capturing a skyscape. But, when I looked up and […]

My Sunday Photo The Lady Bird

My Sunday Photo: The Ladybird

My Sunday photo this week comes from the very last day of August. We were walking the dogs close to a river near our home and there were quite a few ladybirds around. One landed on Delilah’s thumb and stayed there long enough to be photographed. I’ve always loved ladybugs (or ladybugs for my American […]

A Month in Photos – August 2018

August has been one heck of a busy month and there’s plenty of photos to prove it. We’ve been on some fantastic days out and microadventures, as well as plain and simple dogs, walks in some lovely places. Blackberry jam The month started with us out picking blackberries and making our very our Yorkshire Dad of Four […]

My Sunday Photo Living His Best Life

My Sunday Photo: Living His Best Life

My Sunday Photo this week was taken just yesterday afternoon as I was out walking the dogs. I find walking the dogs one of the most relaxing and rewarding past times. Relaxing for me to forget life’s troubles and rewarding as you get to see them enjoying life like this. Duke hasn’t featured much in […]

white rose flag of Yorkshire

Happy Yorkshire Day 2018

I couldn’t let Yorkshire Day 2018 pass without having a celebratory post in the honour of this great county. Okay, technically there are four counties that make up Yorkshire but I’m brushing over that here. I decided that to celebrate Yorkshire Day 2018 I would post 4 photos – one from each of the […]

photos from July

Photos from July 2018

Here is my monthly review of the photos I have taken continues with a selection from July 2018. This month all the photos have been made exclusively on my Galaxy S7 smartphone and processed using Lightroom CC on the same device. If you want to take better photos with your smartphone then check out my post 10 […]