Wedding Day Memories | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Wedding Day Memories

You may have noticed that Helen and I recently celebrated 12 years of marriage. We celebrated with an anniversary date only the parents of four girls could go on – food shopping! However, with every wedding anniversary comes the memories of that day in 2007. My some peoples standards it was a big wedding, by […]

Methotrexta: Just keep taking the pills | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Methotrexate: Just Keep Taking the Pills

If you weren’t aware, I have rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed 3 years ago when I was 35 years old. People assume rheumatoid arthritis is an old person’s disease. Let me tell you, it’s not. On a weekly basis, I take 6 little yellow pills – methotrexate. This drug has kept the disease at bay, […]

A Moving Day Story | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Moving Day Story

Apparently, the average person in Britain will move house 8 times in their lifetime and will end up just 63 miles from their birthplace. Well, I am approaching 40 and have moved just 3 times, and that includes moving out of my parent’s house to get started. But, presently I am about 80 miles from […]

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Running Dad Diaries: Consistency is Key

Consistency is key when it comes to running, and we’re twelve days into 2019 and, at the time of writing this update, I have been out for a run 8 times. This includes the previous 5 days in a row and I will be going out later today. I believe this is what is known as […]

Mist in the Cauldron | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Mist in the Cauldron

Winter is an excellent time for landscape photography. With that gorgeous low winter sun, misty mornings and the contrast in colours, that many wrongly believe aren’t there, it really is a delight. Making the effort to get out of the house and head into the countryside can be rewarded with some beautiful images. The Christmas […]

My Photo Friday | #MyPhotoFriday | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

My Photo Friday – Linky #8

It’s Friday again, and its time for My Photo Friday! Thank you for coming back to My Photo Friday and sharing your photos. Please do spread the word through Twitter and Facebook about this new photography based linky. My Photo Friday is a place to post and share your favourite photos, whether that be from […]

The Austrian Exchange Meeting

In three weeks time, our fourteen-years-old daughter will travel to Austria with 26 other students from her school. She’s there for a week and will be living with a girl called Maria and her family in the south-east of the country. What an amazing opportunity she’s got in front of her on this Austrian Exchange. Tonight […]

Running Fartleks, Pardon Me?

Running Fartleks, Pardon Me?

Fartleks. No, it’s not a rude word and has got nothing to do with any bodily functions. Fartlek is a Swedish term meaning “speed play” and in running terms it’s a form of interval training. Let me explain. I came across Fartlek training while reading a running magazine. It was still early in my running […]