Tom Cruise meets the Yorkshire Dad of 4

Mission: Impossible – Meeting Tom Cruise

A-list celebrities don’t come much bigger (if at all) than Tom Cruise. From Cocktail to Top Gun, Tropic Thunder to Magnolia I have seen so many of his movies. Undoubtably though, it will be the Mission: Impossible franchise for which many people know him these days. According to his Wikepedia filmography page he has been […]

Hope | The Yorkshire Dad of 4


It’s the hope that kills you – a quote often attributed to football which means which means that having no expectations or hopes may be better as your dreams may not be destroyed in a cruel manner. But another quote that is far more true is “To live without hope is to cease to live” […]

Real Life Photos – Must Take More

While I was capturing the obligatory (and slightly awkward the older they get) back-to-school photos I captured an “outtake” moment between Lydia and Delilah. When I processed the photos and went with a black and white theme I adored the moment in time I’d captured. It reminded me of when I was shooting family photos […]

Back in the Summer of '95 | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Back in the Summer of ’95

It would be fair to say that my memories of a summer holiday in Hyeres in the south of France 25 years ago may be somewhat sketchy. But, I shall endeavour to recount the fun and hilarity of what remains one of my favourite summers ever. Around this time, 25 years ago, I was returning […]

A Safari at Monk Park Farm | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Safari at Monk Park Farm

As businesses and visitor attractions slowly start up again following the coronavirus lockdown some places are finding times tough. Monk Park Farm near Thirsk has been hard hit – something many open farms like it have found nationwide. But, they are opening again by diversifying the attraction and allowed people to drive around the park […]

Global Running Day 2020 | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Global Running Day 2020

During the dark period that the world is going through right now, celebrating running may well be low down on many people’s agendas. However, running is something that many people find comfort in during dark times. So, why not celebrate it? What is Global Running Day? Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running […]