toasted currant teacake

Memories of a Toasted Currant Teacake

Isn’t it intriguing how a seemingly insignificant item can act as a catalyst, unravelling memories from the recesses of our minds, and vividly resurrecting experiences as though we are reliving them in the present moment? This enchanting phenomenon unfolds for me each time I savour a toasted currant teacake. Gazing at my breakfast, a toasted […]

He’s Back!

Tuesday 26th October – the day I last went for a run. That’s before today, that is. My running hiatus is over and I am back on the road. I never intended to take such an extended break away from running. In truth, the Yorkshire marathon broke me. I wasn’t fit enough and hadn’t done […]

Lateral flow test

Is Covid Closing In?

We’re 19 months into the global COVID-19 pandemic and so far none of us has contracted it. When you look at our family and life in general it really does surprise me just how we’ve avoided it this far. Every day, for weeks, we’ve heard about someone we know having coronavirus. Every day. Some of […]

Let the Bubble See The Squeak

I grew up in a typical Yorkshire home where every Sunday we would sit down as a family to eat our Sunday dinner together. But my memories of this long-standing family tradition are of the following day’s tea time when my Mum would prepare a fry-up – otherwise known as bubble and squeak. Invariably, our […]

Waitress at the Sunderland Empire

Who put the wait in Waitress? Well, Covid I guess. But it was worth the wait indeed and to finally be back inside a theatre and watching talented people do their thing was amazing. You really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone and not going to shows for the past 18 months and […]