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The Man With Big Balls – Offensive Comedy – Is It OK?

Can someone who is offensive as part of their act actually be a good entertainer? When you cast your mind’s eye around you may come up with names such as Roy Chubby Brown or Jim Davidson. But these are acts you choose to go see. What about street entertainers who don’t choose to encounter? You and your children are exposed to them and their offensive brand of unwittingly.

We were in York this past weekend visiting York’s Chocolate Story. We know York is awash with street entertainers, especially on a hot summers day like it was. And we also know that Kings Square, where the chocolate story is located, provides a natural theatre to street entertainers. It was no surprise as we arrive there that one such entertainer was just setting up his act.


What I noticed immediately with this guy, who was European with a possible German/Austrian accent, was his innuendo. For a start, his act is called “MAN WITH BIG BALLS”. But his banter with the assembling audience was peppered with it too. I laughed, I admit it. I found him humorous. Innuendo in itself isn’t wrong and can be funny so I’m not fussed about that.

At one point a couple walking past caught his eye. “Italianos! You want to watch the show again? She held my balls yesterday that Italian woman. That’s why she still smiling 24 hours later.” I have to admit this raised more than a chuckle from the adults in the audience.

Cultural offence

One of his footballs rolled away. A Chinese man retrieved it and placed it back where it needed to be. Mr Balls (I don’t really know how else to refer to him) thanks him in what I assume to be Chinese or Mandarin. The Chinese gentleman appeared to correct him in English, but Mr Balls was adamant HE was correct and called the man “the crazy one”. People laughed, I didn’t. I am fairly certain that the Chinese chap has a better grasp of his own language. At worst it was just a misunderstanding and no reason to try and get a laugh from it.

Again, I did laugh at the next one. He approached a gentleman and as if he was French. The man replied that he was not to which Mr Balls retorted “I didn’t think so, you aren’t arrogant enough”. We all know the gag that the French as supposedly arrogant, which I guess made me laugh.

Was it funny?

It’s only afterwards, after talking with Helen and another chap in the chocolate story, that I questioned whether Mr Balls was actually funny.

I’ve given some tame examples of his comedy here. But in the 10 minutes we were watching managed to take a swipe and a good cross-section of the audience. Even I was called out. He wanted a volunteer and Verity put her hand up. As we had just 10 minutes before our slot at the chocolate story I said she couldn’t. He questioned my decision. He asked what time our booking was and then when I told him he accused me of lying. In the end, she ended up taking part as I didn’t want her to be upset or embarrassed.

We only saw the 10 minutes or so of his setup and not his actually ball-balancing-juggling act. I’m sure he was very good at it. But on reflection, I don’t think he was actually that funny.

I’m not one for using insults to make people laugh and I actually feel a little ashamed that I did laugh at a few of his lines.

Am I overreacting? Am I being too sensitive or should I actually be standing up and saying this isn’t okay? I certainly don’t want my girls growing up believing you have to insult people to get a laugh.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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7 thoughts on “The Man With Big Balls – Offensive Comedy – Is It OK?”

  1. Hi Yorkshire Dad of Four, we saw him today 13.08.19 in the same place and he was funny, he seemed to understand various languages and could speak to the various people around the square in there native tongue, mainly Norwegian, Chinese, Italian, French and English. It was nearing the end of his act he started to loose people in that he said he did it for a living and had been doing it for some 24 years, he needed to provide for his family and if you went to the Chocolate Factory it would cost you £13 per adult and £10 per child, so could you put in his hat say £5 each or £10 a couple etc. One guy and his partner started to leave and the GWBB said “don’t go you tight b*****d” in front of all the audience including children, he carried on “try and put something in if only a quid, if you don’t have any money don’t worry, there’s a cash machine across the road”!! We gave our son a £1 to put in and I think he might have killed of more donations as people might have felt he went to far. On a lighter note. what a fantastic City York is, we stayed at The Crescent Guest House and walked around York for 2 days without using the car… But wow the car parks are expensive!!

    1. Hi. Saw this street performer, man with big balls, August 2021 in York. I couldn’t believe the bully tactic this street performer used at the end of his show, anyone who walked away without giving him money had abuse directed at them, even families with young children. This is a strategic move that makes other viewers too scared to turn and walk but instead walk forward to put money in his bag, too scared to risk a public roasting. Don’t let this put you off York though, fantastic city, loved our week there.

      1. We visit York quite often and I recently observed his act again. It was the same routine with the same abuse handed out just as you described. The thing is, I generally give to street performers but there was something about this guy that put me off doing so. If you look in the comments on this post he clearly Googles himself as he replied to the post last year during the first lockdown, getting on for 18 months after I wrote this article. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your opinion though, I appreciate it. We all have opinions and some choose to share them and some not – I do share where I feel appropriate but was never quite sure if I’d got this one quite right.

  2. Always interesting to find blog posts like this on my street shows….during this covid time I’m reflecting greatly on my past 25 years travelling & performing on the streets of our beautiful world…. what’s really interesting to me is you have made comments, spent the time to opinionate & seemingly come to a conclusion of me, my character, my style of performing etc from Ten Minutes of watching me….i am very aware of my performances as Mr Yellow, teaching in schools & corporate companies, performing my ManWithBigBalls act in over 20countries…talking with my 21year old son about the countless varieties of interactions I’ve had in all my performances…to keep this short, from one Yorkshire dad of 1, to a Yorkshire Dad of 4….my 25 years of street performing is grounded in Love & Laughter….I may not always express such simplistvalues, life has its challenges, but if the ten minutes of your life watching just ten minutes of my 25years worth of performing made you react this way…well I got a reaction, I made you think, I made you feel something, I made you express an opinion….now please go amplify all those emotive sensations towards Boris..Trump..Buddha..the Rothchilds..your Bank..or better still..give every thought, emotion creative desire to your four children… Much Love, Mark Wallis aka ManWithBigBalls X

  3. I saw this guy on 12 September 21
    Vile. He is racist homophobic and called me “woke” when I called him out when he said “what about you gay boys are you going to donate”

    Horrid man that needs to be banned from performing. He’s dragging your City down. I have emailed the council as I fully believe this guy is offensive and needs to be got rid of from the otherwise pleasant streets

    1. I can’t speak for the guy himself but personally I’m sorry you had to experience. York is such a vibrant and multicultural city that is home to some truly wonderful people, this guy doesn’t represent York. I was out and about in the city with my camera just yesterday and I noticed two different performers in this guys usual spot. They were great!

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