2 year to the day that I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My GP put two and two together pretty quickly with a few issues I was having and referred me and the rheumatologist saw me very quickly and had me on the disease altering medication very quickly. I’m lucky because I’m young, it was caught early and because the treatment has been working. There are people with this awful condition out there that suffer intolerable pain on a daily basis. People for whom various cocktails of medication simply don’t work and people who have other conditions on top of the RA. I’m back at the hospital in January to see my rheumatology consultant; the last couple of times I’ve been I’ve been in there just 5 minutes and packed of with a smile and a “you’re doing great”. I don’t anticipate anything more this time but I shall be asking more questions. People love to moan about the NHS but not me – I am thankful we have it and I shudder to think about the cost of having this condition in a country such as the USA. I’m also thankful that I don’t suffer with this disease. A time may come when it affects me more but for now I still enjoy running, I am active and pain free and loving it.
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