I completely understand why many people detest these hunt spectacles. I appreciate their beliefs and wouldn’t ever attempt to alter them. Just like I detest many things such as chemical weapons being used on civilians while the world does nothing, or humans being flogged and stoned as apparent punishment in 2016 while the world does nothing, while people are persecuted for having certain beliefs and the world does nothing. Also, millions of people PAY to watch two people beat each other in the name of sport (boxing / UFC) and I detest that; however I don’t pariah them for it. The world is a very diverse place, if we homogenise it then it will become a boring place to exist. I should qualify this by stating that I’ve never taken part in these hunts, in fact I’d never seen one until 2014 when we moved to #Kirkbymoorside. #boxingday #Sinningtonhunt http://ift.tt/2ijGInM

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