It can be said I can be a bit of Christmas Grinch until the big day gets really close.  A bit like with Halloween, I am all “oh I hate it…” in the weeks running up to it then at the last minute I’m out raiding the shops for costume make-up and supplies! This year I decided to hit the ground running with the old Crimbo.

I started by getting each of the girls a non-chocolate (or food for that matter) base advent calendar each (don’t worry, H got her craft on and has the homemade advent calendar with a chocolate in each day for them). So we have a make-up/beauty calendar for each of the older girls and the younger two got a charm bracelet one and a My Little Pony stationery one. They are rather happy with them. The bonus is that tomorrow when we visit Grandma she’ll likely have got them a calendar each too.

So to boost my Christmas spirit this morning I listened to festive songs whilst in the shower and then proceeded to wake the girls up with more songs and full volume! Can’t say they were overly impressed but I felt even more Christmassy.

I’ve also made a start on my own Christmas shopping (that’s Dad Christmas shopping as in for the wife and mother). In fact I’ve had one present bought for a month now, which for me is simply unprecedented, and one I was rather smug about (more on that later). So, for once I am enjoying the build up to Christmas and feeling far more relaxed than ever. It’s also the school Christmas fair tonight and despite hundreds of people, crammed indoors, feeling warm and unconformable I am actually looking forward to it.
So, when does Christmas start for you? Are you a tree up in October kind of person (hopefully our tree will go up on Sunday) or are you a last minute, everything on Christmas Eve kind of person? I also, realise I have a number of followers from outside the UK so I’m intrigued to see what Christmas is like for you all. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 #Christmas #festive #SeasonsGreetings #readyforchristmas #christmasshopping #advent #adventcalendar #festiveseason #ChristmasGrinch #HappyChristmas #MerryChristmas #Yuletide

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