I’ve been pondering posting this all day (well not this photo exactly). You see today is (would have been) my Dad’s 72nd birthday. Losing him almost 10 years ago makes thinking about him in his 70s hard to imagine but I guess he would still be the same witty family man he always was. He taught me (unknowingly) how to be a good Dad and I can’t imagine having had a better one. He worked bloody hard his whole life to provide for us and that is something I can’t ever forget. Delilah asked me yesterday what was the best and worst thing about being 8 years old (when I was 8) and the worst was missing my Dad when he was away in the wagon all week or home very late each night. I can remember waiting, lying awake in bed and watching from by bedroom window waiting for him to come home. There’s so much happened in the past 10 years that I’d love to have shared with him – two more Grandchildren for a start. It goes without saying that his memory will live on in all of us and he will be loved forever. Miss you Dad x
(By the way the best thing about being 8 was Lego!)
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