I’ve dabbled with @karrimorofficial running shoes once before, it didn’t go well. It was early on in my running life (I’ve been running 6 years) and my first proper running shoes were Adidas. When they were wearing out I went for Karrimor – primarily because of the price. Bad idea! They were horrid to run in and I hated them. I just wore them casually from then on. The rubber on the soles wore down very quickly and they were relegated again to gardening and decorating attire. Fast forward a few years and I needed new trail shoes. I’d gone expensive with @brooksrunning and anyone who follows me will know how that turned out so when I went shopping again I decided to give Karrimor another shot. These are a world apart from my first Karrimors and honestly my favorite trail shoes ever. They are quite sturdy, which I like, compared with the Brooks or my previous Nike Avlords. I’ve not done am awful lot of mileage in them yet but I think we’re going to get on just fine.
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