Memories can be triggered with the slightest objects. I just had a spillage of crafting materials off the bookshelf and whilst on my hands and knees selling them up I looked up and spotted this book. It immediately took me back to my childhood and in particular when we visited auntie Mavis and uncle Malcolm. They had a massive bookshelf in their front room and I would occupy myself by browsing their massive collection of books. It may not actually have been that big of a collection but to me it seemed so. I was also a bit of an artist in my childhood so one night uncle Malcolm said I could keep this book when he caught me staring into its pages. I worked through it and tried every technique contained within it. I loved it. It’s a bit battered and bruised now but I treasure it being on our massive bookshelf now. I do love out when random memories are triggered like this. .
#Memories #books #drawing #childhood

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