So there’s a tale about Sarkless Kitty of Gillamoor and this is where we like to walk our dogs….. Kitty Garthwaite of Gillamoor was engaged to Willie Dixon from Hutton le Hole. On Whitsunday 1787, they quarrelled and he abandoned her at Lowna. Next morning her body clad only in a white sark,was found in the river there. Meanwhile the repentant Willie rode to York for a marriage licence. Upon his return the body and sark were missing.He searched unsuccessfully and the next day his body was discovered in the same pool. Three weeks later, local children saw Kitty’s naked apparition, and over the next twenty years,sixteen men drowned in that pool.Kitty’s ghost was finally laid by book and candle in 1809. A possible explanation is that a Quaker couple, wishing to spare Kitty a crossroads burial,then traditional for suicides, secretly buried her with their daughter at Lowna Quaker Burial Ground Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video – we really appreciate it. We’d be stoked if you could hit that like button and subscribe to us to keep up with what we are getting up to. ————————————————————- Where else you can find me: Website: ————————————————————- by The Yorkshire Dad

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