The Run Streak

I never set out to do a run streak of any determinable length. In fact I never set out to start this run streak at all. Only once have I actually tried to do a run streak; it was a few years ago I tried to do at least 5km a day for the 30 days of November. I failed.

It wasn’t until I done my 8th straight day that I even realised I was on a streak at all. After all, since my marathon back in April my running has been pretty sporadic and at time non-existent. Only then did my OCD (if it’s an appropriate term) kicked in and I started to think about the streak – or more importantly how I would inevitably feel when the streak ended. Now that I am 19 days in it’s getting harder to contemplate ending the streak. How long could I actually go on for with this? I have rheumatoid arthritis so to even be able to do this is a privilege that I want to carry on.

But, it must end. It has to end. I am tired – frankly I am knackered. This weekend is mega hectic with family things and squeezing in a run on both Saturday and Sunday is going to be hard. I shall likely do Park Run tomorrow and on Sunday it will have to be a quick run very early before other plan kick in.

Then it must end – for my own sanity. Next week is a really busy week as it’s “watching week” at the dance school so evening runs will be a no-no. So I will end it on Sunday. 21 days or 3 weeks – whichever sounds better.

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