This may just look like a photo of a pair of shoes…but it’s not.
You see when I was a lad my mum shopped in charity shops all the time. One day a school “friend” saw me in @oxfamgb with my mum and I was laughed at when I got back to school. I was so embarrassed and wouldn’t go in with her again. Then I grew up! Looking back I know just how much of a financial struggle my parents had bringing up the four of us and she was doing her best. I am now embarrassed about how I behaved as a bratty teenager. Nowadays most of MY clothes come from charity shops and I couldn’t give a damn what anyone things. My girls don’t care either, in fact they love a good bargain hunt. Today I got these shoes. Fantastic, barely worn condition and just £6.99. That money is now in the hands of @age_uk and I have a great pair of shoes. All they needed was a polish, but as I love polishing shoes I don’t care. Saving money and giving to charity at the same time is ace.
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