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Happy New Decade

It’s the 9th of January and I’ve just got around to writing a new year blog post. I’m a bit of a crap blogger – aren’t I? Anyway – HAPPY NEW DECADE!

So 2020 eh! Wow, the twenties. Insane. It’s doesn’t seem like a day since I was crammed shoulder-t-shoulder in an overcrowded bar bringing in the year 2000. 20 years go by so fast!

Anyway – Christmas. Yes, it was fantastic!

On the Sunday before Christmas, we went on the Santa Special (steam train) service run by the North York Moors Railway. It was glorious and special as it was the very last train of the season and in the dark, it was just magical. Santa was very nice too and gave the girls some lovely gifts.

Santa Special on the North York Moors Railway | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

On Christmas Eve we went to the local church for their crib service where Delilah and Verity sang with the school choir. Yet another “last” for Delilah as she prepares to leave primary school in the summer.

Christmas Day was pretty quiet and it was nice to spend some valuable time with my family. We managed a respectable 9am wake-up on Christmas morning – so thank you for that kiddos.

Christmas Dinner | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

We ate, we drank, we ate again. We have a lovely Christmas dinner and we watched Christmas TV. Simple and lovely.

Unfortunately, my mum was ill and didn’t join my niece on her Boxing Day visit.

Boxing Day Hunt | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

After seeing the local (drag) hunt depart the town we continued on to the pub for a lovely Boxing Day dinner. I went for the venison meatball baguette!

For those not sure what venison is – it is the meat of a game animal, most commonly deer. They were delicious!

Venison meatball baguette | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The rest of Boxing Day was spent on a mammoth game of Yorkshire Monopoly that I won. I crushed them!

Yorkshire Monopoly | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Aside from a visit to a trampoline centre we had a very quiet Crimbo-limbo period. Chilling out, running, walking the dogs. Just nice to not have to be anywhere or do anything.

During the day on New Year’s Eve we hot the shops at York Designer Outlet. We also hit the ice rink there in their annual Yorkshire Winter Wonderland. That was so much fun and my first-time ice skating outdoors.

Ice skating at Yorkshire Winter Wonderland | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I picked up a few items in Gap, a new bobble hat from Mountain Warehouse and som rather nice sock from Joules.

New clothes from Gap | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Our final fling of the holidays was a visit the Wharram Percy – a local deserted medieval village near Malton. It’s an English Heritage site but free to visit all year round. None of us as ever been so it was interesting to see. The only building actually still standing in any way is the ruined Church of St. Martin.

Church of St. martin at Wharram Percy | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

All-in-all I had a fantastic 9 days of works with my family. We had a lovely Christmas and New Year and we’re ready for what is shaping up to be a busy 2020. I’m even coming to terms with it being the year I’ll turn 40!

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