Selling a House – Goodbye Walnut Grove

It was October 2004, Helen was eight and a half months pregnant with Grace and we already had a 13-month old Lydia. Despite the challenges, we moved into number Walnut Grove in Dewsbury. We left behind our first home together, a small terraced house not a mile away, to create a home for our growing […]

Millionaire's Shortbread | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I Finally Nailed Millionaire’s Shortbread

Millionaire’s shortbread, also known as a caramel slice or caramel shortbread, is something that I love to eat. When you happen upon a good one, usually from a table at a school fair who’s Grandma has made, it’s pretty unbeatable by anything else. However, for me, making it has never really worked out. That was […]

GoApe Dalby – Revisited

Last summer, you may remember, I wrote a post about our visit to GoApe at Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire. That trip, as I said at the time, was gifted by GoApe and we’re very grateful for that. This time, however, we paid for it ourselves and guess what? Spoiler alter! We had just as […]

Macro honey bee on cow parsley | A New Lens Brings New Love For Photography | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A New Lens Brings New Love For Photography

I’ve always subscribed to the belief that the best camera is the one that you have with you. If that happens to be a smartphone then great, if it’s a high-end DSLR then that’s great too. My viewpoint hasn’t changed on this at all. However, we all love new kit and I recently took possession […]

Running Dad Diaries: A Runner Who Doesn’t Run

There’s been a distinct lack of running related content on the blog for the past couple of months. There’s a good reason for this. I haven’t been running! Call yourself a runner? You don’t run any more! Can I still call myself a runner if I am not running? Well yes, I can. I am […]

Experiences Before Possessions

Essential Tips For A Stress-Free Family Holiday

For many of us, a holiday is an opportunity to spend time with those we love. It’s a chance to take a break from work, escape the stresses of everyday life, and just relax for a little while. With summer fast approaching, families everywhere have begun preparing for their annual getaways. The trouble is, while […]

Curtain Up on The Sound of Music | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Curtain Up on The Sound of Music

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the fact I am in a musical – The Sound of Music to be precise. Remember, I ended up auditioning whilst playing Dad’s Taxi, taking Lydia and Delilah to the audition. Well, the time has passed very quickly indeed and tonight, after many hours rehearsing, Pickering Musical […]

JustFab - Is it a scam? Is it a con? | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

JustFab – Is it a scam? Is it a con?

[Disclaimer: This piece is based on my opinions of JustFab (UK ) Ltd from personal experience of dealing with this organisation. The opinions I express here are purely that and not necessarily fact.] Have you ever been looking through your bank statement and see a payment you know nothing about? It’s a horrible feeling. You […]