I Chuffin Hate Speed Work | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I Chuffin Hate Speed Work

Speed work. Intervals Fartleks. Sprints. Call then what the chuff you like 0 I hate them. I am not a professional athlete but somehow I get swallowed up by the running bug and end up doing these sessions. Why? Why do I do speed work when I hate it? I love running. But I love […]

A Run Round Rosedale Railway | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A Run Round Rosedale Railway

The remote hillsides of the valley of Rosedale in North Yorkshire once rang to the sounds of clangs and clatter of the ironstone industry. Nowadays all that remains are some stunning ruins of the kilns and the old railway trackbed. But that trackbed is a fantastic path for a run. Rather than go to parkrun […]

Happy New Decade | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Happy New Decade

It’s the 9th of January and I’ve just got around to writing a new year blog post. I’m a bit of a crap blogger – aren’t I? Anyway – HAPPY NEW DECADE! So 2020 eh! Wow, the twenties. Insane. It’s doesn’t seem like a day since I was crammed shoulder-t-shoulder in an overcrowded bar bringing […]

Fitness 101: Finding The Fun Factor | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Fitness 101: Finding The Fun Factor

When starting a new fitness scheme, your priorities will probably lie with losing weight, getting stronger, or improving your 10km PB. While all of those incentives will keep you motivated, you must not ignore the need for sustainability. With this mind, injecting a sense of enjoyment is essential. Once exercise becomes fun, you’ll be far […]

Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Typical Dad Moans & Groans

Becoming a dad is an acquired skill. It isn’t something we feel we’re born to do naturally. Some of you will be far more prepared for the dad life than others. You might have known from a young age that you wanted to one day become a dad. Or you might have been thrown into […]