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It’s Okay – Skin is Waterproof

A dark Monday night after work and I arrive home full of anticipation of the run I am going to do. Once the girls’ had their tea it was time to take them to dance class. I was ready in my running gear, at which point my youngest said to me, “you’re going running, but it’s raining Daddy”. My response – “yes love, don’t worry, skin is waterproof”.

It’s a phrase I like to use, but my daughter just looked at me with a confused look on her face. However, it is true – skin is waterproof.

You can use this in conjunction with another favourite quote of mine, the Norwegian proverb:

thing as bad weather, just bad clothing | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

In the UK, it is rare that the weather is so bad that you would be wise not to venture out in it. It’s equally as rare that the weather would be a reason I cite for not venturing out for a run.

It is true, it was raining heavily last night and it was windy. So windy, in fact, that the street lights on our road were shaking quite noticeably. But I was undeterred.

I opted for shorts – it has to be really cold for me to run in leggings. I went with a long-sleeve quarter-zip running top but decided against a base-layer. Over that was a fleece-lined shell gilet and on top a hi-viz gilet. I completed this stylish ensemble with a woolly running hat and gloves.

It was indeed raining. It was also, as expected, rather windy.

But I ploughed through that and enjoyed a great 5 miles trot through the woods. I got muddy. Duke got muddier. Such fun.

Being out in the dark woods with just a head-torch to light my way is a fantastic experience. Your senses are certainly heightened and it’s exhilarating. People ask if I’m scared, but I honestly am not. Whatever is there in the dark is there in the daylight.

The thing about trail running in the dark it that it’s rare you don’t have to share the trail with anyone else. Always a bonus. Of course, staying safe is important though so I have my waist pack with some safety provisions.

And so I completed my 5 miles and felt all the better for it.

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