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Faith in Humanity Restored

It’s fair to say at the moment that as a nation we are becoming somewhat fractured. Dare I say that Brexit has polarised people and we’re no longer a society that helps one and other. But, my faith in humity was restored recently. This is a post about that and, thankfully, not Brexit.

Last weekend I went for a 10k trail run around Pickering in North Yorkshire. As usual, I had taken my driving license with me just in case anything should happen I could be identified. However, I was lax in my care of said driving license and duly lost it.

Rather that putting in the case of my phone, I put it in the waist pack pocket with my phone. I was forever taking the phone out to check OS Maps or take a photo. Thus, somewhere along the trail my driving license slipped out.

I only realised it was lost when I got back to my car. I resigned myself to the fact it was lost and I would have to pay for a replacement driving license.

ov er a stile | The Yorkshire Dad of 4
Somewhere along this run route I lost my driving license

Ironically, the weekend prior to this I thought I’d lost my wallet – with my driving license in. I cancelled all my bank cards and waited for the replacements to come before ordering a new driving license. Except when the new cards came I found my wallet – in my bedside drawer (Helen will never let me live that one down!).

This time around I knew it was lost. But a little voice in my head stopped me from odering a replacement. It said, “just wait and see, someone might find it and send it back to you”.

Faith in humanity restored

Well, dear reader, I am pleased to report that the little voice in my head was correct.

Yesterday my driving license was returned to me through the post. Accompanying it was a little note explaining they found it while out walking in Pickering.

lost driving license returnd | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

The note came with a phone number, so I called it. I wanted to thank Anne and Neil for their kindness. Afterall, they’d gone to the trouble of actually posting in back to me. The call went to voicemail, so I left a message of thanks.

Anne did actually call me back, but I missed her call. She left a message in return. I opted not to phone again, that would be weird – right?

But, one last time, thank you ever so much to Anne and Neil.

Thanks for reading.


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