Real Life Photos – Must Take More

While I was capturing the obligatory (and slightly awkward the older they get) back-to-school photos I captured an “outtake” moment between Lydia and Delilah. When I processed the photos and went with a black and white theme I adored the moment in time I’d captured.

It reminded me of when I was shooting family photos and weddings and my attitude towards technical perfection – I didn’t aim for it. At the end of the day, you could have the most perfectly exposed, well-posed and tack-sharp photos in the world and the client wouldn’t connect with it because there was no emotion in the subject.

I love photography and I loved being a photographer. I love making photos of my family but I’ve become a bit too posed in my approach. I have a phone that I can take great photos on but I also have a really great camera that I can take awesome photos with and I need to have that in my hand more.

So, on the day all four girls were back at school, I had the camera out on the table with me. I just shot a few frames while they were sat doing homework and generally goofing around. Again I processed them in black and white and I love them. Just daily life.

I suppose it could be called a documentary style. I’m not asking for smiles or poses and that’s why I love it.

My advice to anyone wanting to be a photographer is to take lots of photos. It’s not a case of finding the diamond in the rough, but you will learn to capture moments naturally. Even if you don’t want to be a photographer, we all are nowadays with the devices in our pockets so take more photos of real life.

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