Running Dad Diaries: Rest Day Extravaganza | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Running Dad Diaries: Rest Day Extravaganza

We all need a rest day every now and again. Runners, especially, should factor in a rest day each week. It’s scientifically proven to that rest days aid the bodies recovery and prevent injury. So, after a 13-day running streak, I wanted to take last Monday off, and I did.

The problem was I then also took Tuesday and Wednesday off too!

It’s these dark winter mornings you see, they really are starting to get to me now. I am so ready for the beginning of spring and the lighter mornings that will bring with it.

During the week I run at about 5.30am, but my alarm goes off 15 minutes before that. I just couldn’t face it on Tuesday. Having that cosey extra couple of hours in bed on Monday felt great and I my body simply would not get up.

Finally running

I finally managed to get going on Thursday morning. Even then I wasn’t feeling it at all.

The only reason I got up when my alarm went off was that I REALLY needed to toilet. Once in the bathroom, my kit was already piled in the corner, where it had been all week, just waiting for me.

I forced myself to put it on. That sounds so melodramatic but I really did have to force myself.

Even once I reached the front door, with my jacket on and the dog’s running belt around my waist, I could easily have just gone back to bed.

The run itself was okay. Thought I really felt like just going home at every corner. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I did start to come around a little and got past the 5km mark.

Running Dad Diaries: Rest Day Extravaganza | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Back in the daylight

On Friday morning I failed to get up again. This time I had already resigned myself to not running when I went to bed. No point in fighting it. I would simply get a couple of good daylight runs in the bank at the weekend.

Saturday came and so did the bonus that Verity had slept at a friend’s. This meant that after dropping Delilah off at dance classes I had an hour to go an run. It was so great to be out running in the daylight – even if it was a busy breezy.

Along came Sunday morning and the girls delivered to band practice to off I went again. I ran a 10km route where it was about 60/40 off/on roads. As I was running down the country lanes I was feeling pretty good. Not running fast, but comfortable and I certainly felt like I had more in the tank.

Running Dad Diaries: Rest Day Extravaganza | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

A missed target?

It really had affected my state of mind. After running 100 miles in January I wanted to achieve the same feat again in February. But I have pretty much ruined the chances of that in the first week. With 18 days left I have still got 118km to go to get to the magic 161km (100 miles).

If I run the next 18 days straight then I will need to average 6.5km per day. Can I do that? Can I put the terrible week I just had behind me and start getting up in a morning?

I think I can do it. I’ve set out a plan that should enable me to reach the target – just.

A change of day

I’ve decided to move my running diary updates to a Sunday, rather than a Saturday. It just makes more sense when talking about a week of running. 

Thanks for reading. 



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