Running Dad Diaries: Running in the North Yorkshire Moors | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Running Dad Diaries: Running in the North Yorkshire Moors

Spring keeps springing and here in North Yorkshire, it’s been blooming glorious this week. With the North York Moors National Park right on our doorstep, it would be rude not to get out and run in there. It didn’t disappoint!

I kept Monday and Tuesday pretty light given that I cracked out a monster of a weekend last week. So a 5km followed by a 6.5km and the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) were real! So, with that in mind, I switched my planned rest day from Friday to Wednesday.

The dreaded rest day

I dread midweek rest days. Usually, I then struggle to get back out on the early mornings and then I get annoyed with myself. But, not this week. Come Thursday morning I was raring to go again and went 10km!

Down in the deep, dark woods

I mixed things up a bit on Friday by going off-road. At 5.30am. In the dark!

I’ve not done this too many times before and I really can’t explain why. I’m not scared but I somehow seem to think there’s a rule stopping me. So, off I went and came back alive! Actually, it was really peaceful and enjoyable. I will be doing more of that, but given it’s almost March the light mornings are coming πŸ™‚

Long run Saturday

For logistical reasons I switch my long run to Saturday afternoon, and what a run it was.

Ten, glorious miles in the North York Moors and warm, sunny February afternoon. If there is a better place to run and conditions to run in then I please, do tell me.

Running Dad Diaries: Running in the North Yorkshire Moors | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

I set off towards Appleton-le-Moors through the old quarry. From there I joined the Tabular Hills route that I then followed into Hutton-le-Hole.

It was a warm afternoon so I’d planned the route so that Duke could have a cool off and drink in the stream there. Boy, did he enjoy that! I stuck with the Tabular Hills out of Hutton-le-Hole and towards Gillamoor.

Things got a bit sketchy in some mud and I slipped and hit the deck. It was a nice soft landing but I scraped my arm down the fence. I then realised it was barbed wire, but somehow I had avoided the barbs!

The sun was setting and the air temperature was cooling down. I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt but I was OK and feeling good. I wasn’t pushing the pace at all, just enjoying being out and getting time and miles in my legs.

That was a cracking 10 miles that I won’t forget in a hurry! Also, I clocked up almost 23,000 steps – a record for me bar far.

Recovery Sunday

I started the day with a bit of foam rolling and stretching. But, not so much of a rest day as we went to Leeds for a dance class Lydia was taking. We walked in the glorious sunshine along the river to the Royal Armouries and then back again. Then we walked around Leeds while the girls shopped for a while. Nice and steady really.

Running Dad Diaries: Running in the North Yorkshire Moors | The Yorkshire Dad of 4

Once home I took a steady 5km with Duke and my legs felt remarkably good!

Another 53km week and that means I have just 11.34km to clock up to bring up my 100 miles for the month once again. With 4 days left of February that is almost in the bag. Almost…

Hows your running going?



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